let’s glorify god with gifts in the great commission because of jesus’ gospel


We create self study resources and provide mentoring for the great commission.

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Use this form to contact a mentor who will help you (a) do the great commission, (b) think about how to go to where there is no gospel (c) take concrete steps after the conference to train yourself for the above.

We also provide group mentoring and teaching, including the following topics.

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Great Commission

What is Jesus mentoring you todo? Check if you are ready to go to where there is no gospel.

Go to where there is no Gospel 101

What is the most important thing to know if you want to go to where there is no gospel? And what is the most important thing to do?

Post Conference Plan

Think about what you should do after the conference. Plan to grow in these 12 areas.

Nprocess Team organized mentors who helped at the mission conference and provided mentoring for hundreds of people.

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